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Personalised health & lifestyle monitoring.

Improving long-term health for patients, whilst giving healthcare professionals the insights they need to provide personalised care and support.

“In the UK, we spend 60% of public funding for healthcare on cure and rehabilitation, and only 5% on prevention.”

ONS, UK Health Accounts: 2016, 2018.

Why PerDoc?

PerDoc empowers patients to take control of their health through active management and monitoring of their health and lifestyle challenges.


  • Access to their digital NHS patient record.
  • A better understanding of their health.
  • Objective-based health and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Simple treatment plan tracking – connect a wearable.
  • Simple treatment plan tracking – connect a wearable.

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  • A holistic view of patients’ health and lifestyle.
  • Track patients progress against treatment goals.
  • Monitor and engage with patients directly.
  • Reduce time demand, creating more capacity.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.

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  • Access to patients drug history.
  • Monitor and guide – improving compliance.
  • Reduce risk during trials.

Life & health Insurers

  • A holistic view of health.
  • Deeper insights help to reduce risk.
  • Shorten underwriting process.

Stay up to date with everything that’s going on.

How PerDoc works.

Patients simply share some of their personal information which then enables us to connect their NHS records. This allows both patient and healthcare professionals to get a full view of the patient’s medical and drug history. You’re in safe hands, we take data security seriously, using the latest technology to keep patient data secure. Now and always.

Active monitoring is a core part of PerDoc. Patients record their daily prescription drug and therapy routine in the platform, with the option to also connect a wearable device, enabling hassle-free synchronising of data with PerDoc. We provide ongoing data-driven and evidence-based insights on the impact of prescribed treatment plans.

The data we capture gives doctors and therapists a 360° view on their patients’ health and key metrics in realtime. By tracking progress and fine-tuning treatments plans throughout therapy, we can increase the number of positive long-term outcomes. This approach not only reduces the risk of surgery but also expensive prescriptions and hospital visits.

Long-term conditions are one of the main drivers of cost and activity in the NHS.

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